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For many years the countryside around the airport and the neighbouring Leina forest is a popular recreation area for families. Strolling through the forest has always been combined with watching different aircrafts. At the beginning of the 1990s usually small sports aircraft or business aircraft could be observed. Nowadays there are the Ryanair jets connecting Altenburg with London Stansted and Barcelona that are in the focus of attention. But since 2005 there has been an additional attraction in the immediate vicinity of the airport – the museum of Flugwelt Altenburg-Nobitz.

When the museum opened at Easter 2005 only three rooms could be visited. In the meantime seven rooms including the hall and an open-air ground are open to the public. The number of exhibits has considerably extended and more information can be provided. Many visitors and contemporary witnesses gave us valuable information and helped with interesting relics. Many thanks to all of them.
Our exhibition shows the changeable history from 1913 to the present modern airport. Each time is illustrated with various models of flying machines. A lot of original equipment and aircraft parts as well as dioramas and additional information give a realistic impression to those who have not yet dealt with the subject so much and experts will hopefully be satisfied. On the open-air ground you can visit a Soviet fighter MiG-21 SPS, Czech built crop duster Z-37 and a Mi-2 helicopter. The highlight is a Maritime Patrol Aircraft, a Breguet Atlantic BR 1150, which was flown to Altenburg airport in April 2007. Visitors can also visit this aircraft’s interior.

After having seen everything you can relax in our café or talk with members of our club. 25 members keep our club Flugwelt Altenburg-Nobitz going. All of them work voluntarily and without any payment.

Donations and helping information are always welcome. Please support us.

We are always interested in information about everything connected with Altenburg airfield, air base or airport. Every item connected with flying is welcome.

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