1913 - 1945

You will learn about Altenburg airfield from its beginnings before WWI until the end of WWII. Numerous charts, models and relics will give you a survey about the historical development.

Soviet era

This room is dedicated to the Russian Air Force that used this air base for a period of 47 years. You can see relics like ejection seats, helmets, pressure suits and other original relics of this time.


You will be surprised how many different ways there are to make your own model plane. Look at different examples made of wood, plastics, paper or metal.


Aircrafts as crop dusters – this technique was used in GDR times regularly.

Special exhibitions

Passenger aircrafts

One of the largest collections of passenger aircraft models in Germany will catch your eyes. Learn about different types of aircraft, airlines and colour schemes.


Open air exhibition ground

Have a look at our Russian fighter MiG-21 SPS and embark our Maritime Patrol Aircraft Breguet Atlantic. (Only possible with a guided tour.)
Some other very interesting might catch your eye. We have enlarged our flying machine corps with a Z-37 crop duster and a Mi-2 helicopter. But there are also other exhibits like a metal built glider and a Boeing 737 jet engine.

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