A short History of the Altenburg airport

1868 A drill ground for an infantry battalion is established.  
1882 The Duke of Altenburg Ernst II. von Sachsen-Altenburg agrees to further use of the area for military purposes.  
1909 Landing of a Parseval airship on the site of the drill ground. The Duke and his family make a short flight and get enthusiastic.
1911 First airshow event. Some courageous airmen show their skills in flying their biplanes.
1913 On 28th and 29th June official opening of the Flugstützpunkt (flight base) Nobitz on the site of the former drill ground near the Leina forest.
1916/1917 More hangars and production facilities are being built. Aircrafts of Albatros, DFW, Rumpler und Fokker are assembled.
Flight training for military flying starts.
1920-1931 Dismantling of the airfield facilities according to the Treaty of Versailles and removal and wrecking of all existing planes and equipment.  
1933 Preparations for the construction of a new military airfield start.  
1934 Einweihung des neuen Flugplatzes  
1936 The construction work starts. Hangars, workshops, barracks, a rifle range and a runway are built.
ab 1939 Flight training at flying school Flugzeugführerschule (A/B) 31, FFS (A/B) 33, FFS (C) 9 Altenburg  
ab 1942 Conversion of Focke Wulf Fw-190 single seaters to double seaters for fighter training purposes.
1943 - 1945 Training in blind flight at Blindflugschule 10 mainly for fighter pilots, Types like Ju-87, Ju-88, He-111, Do-17Z, Do-18, Do-23, Me-110, Fw-44 are used.
1945 US Army occupies the airfield on 15th April and withdraws on 1st July. The airfield is handed over to Soviet Army forces.  
1945-1992 Military airfield, used by Soviet Air Force. The later cosmonaut Alexej Leonow operated as a fighter pilot from this base in 1959.
1985 A Soviet fighter MIG-21 SMT was erected as a memorial in front of the former officers' mess.
1986 Anti aircraft missiles were on station  
1992 Withdrawal of all Soviet armed forces and foundation of the civil corporation Flugplatz Altenburg-Nobitz GmbH. Decision to convert the site to a regional airport.  
1993 Huge party to celebrate 80th anniversary of the airport.
ab 1996 Charter flights to different holiday regions like Malta or Mallorca.
2003 A daily flight connection to London-Stansted operated by Ryanair is installed.
17.Dez.2004 Temporal closing of the airport for larger aircraft by Thuringian Ministry of Transport because of pretext of too high trees in the landing path. Protest action in front of the terminal on 23rd December 2004.
11.Jan.2005 Lifting of the temporal closing after a lot of protest actions and a demonstration in front of the parliament building in Erfurt.
Sept. 2005 200,000th Ryanair passenger in Altenburg.
Dez. 2005 Operating licence for the airport extented for 10 yars.
März 2006 Redevelopment work of the runway.
Juli 2006 10,000th visitor in the Flugwelt-Museum
Aug.2006 New security service (FIS from Frankfurt / Main) starts its work  
Sept. 2006 Ryanair starts its flights to Barcelona (Girona) three times a week.
2009 since 31.03.2009 with Ryanair to Edinburgh
2010  since 31.03.2010 with Ryanair to Alicante  
März 2011

Ryanair leave the airplane after 8 years

28.Juni 2013

The airport celebrated his 100th Birthday.





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